“I learned more from my encounters with Dietrich than any other vet. He saved one of our horses about 12 years ago when every other National expert refused to acknowledge atrophy existed or mattered. It’s amazing what can be covered in conversation when your horse is investigated over several visits and many hours spent stationary in the marvelous Greyfriars facilities. Dietrich has been more than generous with his thoughts over the following years.”

– Patrice Edwards

“I would like to thank Dietrich for the fantastic treatment he gave our horse Vroluck. Prior to the treatment, we had severe trouble in diagnosing and therefore resolving the problems we had with the horse. The horse was tilting her head drastically, not moving forwards, unable to wear a bit and completely miserable in her demeanour. In an attempt to rectify these problems, the horse has had teeth removed, x-rays, bone scans, cortisone injections, physiotherapists, chiropractors, Bowen therapy and EMM therapy. We were then told it must be ‘behavioural problems’ and we should work through it.

Having owned the horse for 7 years, we were convinced that this was not the case and were certain there was an underlying problem somewhere that was causing this obvious discomfort. We spent some time researching on the internet and acupuncture treatment seemed to keep popping up so we thought it was worth a try. We contacted our vet and Dietrich was recommended.

Having explained to us that it was likely to take more than one treatment, we were happy to proceed and have been extremely happy with the results and so very glad we went ahead. The horse has not only made a full recovery from whatever the problem may have been, but the treatments have in fact improved her dramatically. The horse has quickly regained weight lost throughout the previous ordeals, she has gained muscle in a short space of time and in only relatively light work, all signs of pain or discomfort have disappeared and we are delighted with the outcome.

Further to the great results, we were very impressed with the quality of service received. The treatments were clearly explained to us, there was great communication throughout her treatments, the appointments were scheduled in well and kept to and the care given to our horse was genuine and heartfelt.

To summarise, we are absolutely delighted with the treatment and service received and would like to extend our many thanks for Dietrich’s effort and expertise. We are so glad to have our horse back and would not hesitate for a moment to get in touch again if we have any other problems with any other of our animals.”

– David Peters & Karina King on their horse Vroluck

“(My dog) Bertie has been unwell for over a year with inflammatory bowel disease with associated allergies (itchy feet and skin).

The disease symptoms include the following:

Gurgle guts, severe abdominal spasm, variable stools, lip-smacking, itchy feet and skin, pain when passing wind, severe loss of weight and condition (including muscle weakness), generally very unsettled and in pain.  He also became very subdued.

He has been treated by his vet (who is excellent) and was referred to a specialist for a colonoscopy, endoscopy and ultrasound in September 2010.

Despite their best efforts, advice and input Bertie did not seem to respond to treatment which included various medications including steroids.  His diet has been changed a couple of times and he is now coping well with a mainly soft diet.  During the acute phase of his condition, his food intake was literally going straight through his system without the ability to retain anything.

By November 2010 things were not looking good and I was running out of options for Bertie.  A friend suggested acupuncture, which has restored Bertie’s equilibrium and vitality.

Bertie accepted the treatment immediately and even lay down during his initial visit.  He walks in to Dietrich’s surgery wagging his tail and it is obvious to me that he likes the treatment because he is so relaxed. He is back to his old self and although he does get the occasional abdominal spasm it is infrequent and does not last very long.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dietrich for bringing about the positive change in Bertie.  I was not aware of acupuncture for animals and wish I had known about it earlier.  I would recommend his immense talent as a vet/acupuncturist to anyone willing to listen, because it is a marvellous and natural means of healing.”

– Fizz Carter on his labrador, Bertie

” I contacted Dietrich as a last chance saloon for my horse, Doc, who had been suffering with what the vets at an equine hospital diagnosed as a trapped nerve in his neck. The symptoms only really presented after Doc had been turned out on grazing but they were distressing and at times made him unrideable. At this point, about 6 months after the onset of symptoms, he wasn’t able to cope with even an hour’s grazing before the symptoms flared up. Dietrich has a great bedside manner with both horse and human, and we had a frank discussion about how he might be able to help and how long we’d give it before calling it quits. Where vets with ‘conventional’ treatments, osteopaths, chiropractors and other professionals failed, Dietrich, alongside a great physiotherapist, succeeded in helping treat the issues and ease the symptoms. We’re now up to 4 hours symptom free grazing and he’s doing better than ever in his ridden work.

I can highly recommend Dietrich – his knowledge and expertise is second to none and without his treatments I don’t believe Doc would have come out the other side.”

– Cassie Tilling on her horse Doc

“We’ve been using Dietrich for acupuncture for almost 12 months and the improvement in our horses has been miraculous, with outstanding results for two horses who would otherwise have been retired. Rico (9 years) with kissing spine has gone from low 60’s to mid 70’s in affiliated dressage, recently winning 6 tests in a row and qualifying for both summer & winter regionals at novice & elementary. Our rescue case, a 9 year old Oldenburg, who was going to be put down due to behavioural issues through pain, is now happy, pain free and out competing at dressage successfully, with 2 outings for 2 wins and scores in the mid 70’s. Dietrich certainly knows his stuff and is an experienced practitioner. He has a great affinity with horses and has a very gentle kind manner. We cannot recommend acupuncture with Dietrich highly enough; he has certainly worked wonders with our horses!”

– Jane & Desma on their horses Rico & Moose