Services and Fees

Choosing the right treatment

Acupuncture with needles

The animal is examined from head to tail to discover any abnormal tenderness, pain signs, tone and texture changes, or myofascial trigger points. Together with the history of the animal’s health, these points are then taken and analysed to form an acupuncture plan in order to address the condition. A combination of local and distant points are treated to appropriate depths. Often the animal becomes drowsy during the 15-20 minutes of leaving the needles in place. One of the most important aspects of acupuncture practice is judging the individual animal’s requirements for the number of points and amount of needle stimulation to use.

Laser Stimulation

Laser stimulation of acupuncture points has developed more recently as a method of treating. It is useful for patients that are overly sensitive to needles, especially to points on the face and lower limbs. It also may be added as a supplemental therapy for wound healing. I use a 40-watt laser pen designed especially for acupuncture use and it requires only 10-20 seconds per point.


I also use electro-acupuncture occasionally. It is preferred in cases of nerve injury or nerve loss and muscle atrophy (wasting). Spinal disk disease, spinal cord injury, back pain with muscle wasting, brachial plexus and sciatica are all cases that benefit from electroacupuncture. This basically involves attaching leads from a specialised device to the needles and applying a gentle electrical stimulation to cause the muscles to activate, and it quickens the rate of nerve regeneration.