To The Point Acupuncture

I always have your animal’s welfare at the heart of my approach

I understand how much you value your animal and have been using acupuncture and manual therapy in chronic pain and disease management for over 25 years. I provide safe and effective acupuncture tailored to each individual. At To The Point Acupuncture, I adhere to the highest standards for all of the services I provide. My only goal is to make sure your animal is healthy and happy.

Acupuncture with needles

The animal is examined from head to tail to discover any abnormal tenderness, pain signs, tone and texture changes, or trigger points. Together with the history of the animal’s health, these points are then taken and analysed to form an acupuncture plan in order to address the condition. A combination of local and distant points are treated to appropriate depths, usually by needling, occasionally by acupressure. The animal may become drowsy during the 15-20 minutes of leaving the needles in place. One of the most important aspects of acupuncture practice is judging the individual animal’s requirements for the number of points and amount of needle stimulation to use.

Laser Stimulation

Laser stimulation of acupuncture points has developed more recently as a method of treating. It is useful for patients that are overly sensitive to needles, especially to points on the face and lower limbs. It also may be added as a supplemental therapy for wound healing. I use a 40-watt laser pen designed especially for acupuncture use and it requires only 10-20 seconds per point.


I also use electro-acupuncture occasionally. It is preferred in cases of nerve injury or nerve loss and muscle atrophy (wasting). Spinal disk disease, spinal cord injury, back pain with muscle wasting, facial nerve, Trigeminal neuralgia (head shakers in horse), brachial plexus and sciatica are all cases that benefit from electroacupuncture. This basically involves attaching leads from a specialised device to the needles and applying a gentle electrical stimulation to cause the muscles to activate, quicken the rate of nerve regeneration and controlling pain.



“I learned more from my encounters with Dietrich than any other vet. He saved one of our horses about 12 years ago when every other National expert refused to acknowledge the atrophy existed or mattered. It’s amazing what can be covered in conversation when your horse is investigated over several visits and many hours spent stationary in the marvelous Greyfriars facilities. Dietrich has been more than generous with his thoughts over the following years.”


Patrice Edwards

My 19 year old mare was showing typical signs of shivers. I was unable to pick out her hinds wihout fear of her falling over. When I picked up her hinds she lost control and would put herlegs out to the side at peculiar angles. My equine sports masseur Vicky Reis suggested acupuncture as a treatment which can have a good outcome. Prior to his retirement from Southern Hills Dietrich had been my equine vet for many years. So I asked him if he would treat my mare with accupuncture. On his first visit he met up wih my present vet Marieke Schildkamp and they discussed the way forward. He examined Co-co and explained the possible outcome of treatment. After the first treatment there was some improvement which lasted for several days. After the follow up it improved significantly. And so on until the improvement was maintained for good. Co-co  now shows no signs of shivers thanks to Dietrichs treatments. He is the most caring vet I have had the pleasure to have known. His love of horses is very apparent in his approach to his work.I cannot reccomended him highly enough.

Charles Engel

“We’ve been using Dietrich for acupuncture for almost 12 months and the improvement in our horses has been miraculous, with outstanding results for two horses who would otherwise have been retired. Rico (9 years) with kissing spine has gone from low 60’s to mid 70’s in affiliated dressage, recently winning 6 tests in a row and qualifying for both summer & winter regionals at novice & elementary. Our rescue case, a 9 year old Oldenburg, who was going to be put down due to behavioural issues through pain, is now happy, pain free and out competing at dressage successfully, with 2 outings for 2 wins and scores in the mid 70’s. Dietrich certainly knows his stuff and is an experienced practitioner. He has a great affinity with horses and has a very gentle kind manner. We cannot recommend acupuncture with Dietrich highly enough; he has certainly worked wonders with our horses!”


Jane Martin